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Commercial Loans in Ontario

Commercial Loans and Lines of Credit

Financing needs often differ from business to business depending on the type of product or service offered. A line of credit is a flexible and convenient borrowing option that offers the borrower with the financing they need as and when they need it up to a fixed amount. Commercial lines of credit are therefore often best suited to cover the day-to-day operating costs of the business because they are flexible, are often interest-only and can be paid off as quickly as you want. They also come in handy when pursuing a unique and time-sensitive business opportunity.

A commercial loan, on the other hand, is your best option when dealing with a one-time, larger expense or fixed assets. Commercial loans in Ontario come with a wide range of terms and payment options that are designed to give the borrower the flexibility to handle business financial matters as well as management of future investment opportunities.

Benefits of Commercial Loans

Commercial loans in Ontario can be fixed mortgages or unsecured loans for small businesses. Each has different advantages. Discussed below are some of the features and benefits of this type of loan.

  • It helps you maintain control over ownership

For example, if you have a business, and it needs funds to facilitate an expansion or run day to day activities of the business or even just pay off some business expenses; one may be tempted to consider selling off a stake or interest in the business. This would mean that the owner is relieving themselves of some control in the business. Having a loan instead of selling a portion of it helps the owner maintain control over their business.

  • Value in Property Appreciation

Commercial loans, as discussed earlier, helps you maintain control over your property or business. This means that the benefits associated with appreciation in the value of the property or business, are enjoyed entirely by the owner.

  • Lower Rates of Interest

After a thorough research and comparison between different lenders, it is possible for a borrower to secure a loan agreement with a lender at very favorable rates.

  • Businesses are Eligible for Tax Deductions

Interest paid on mortgages can be tax deductible. (Check with your financial advisor or Financial Advisor). This is a great advantage if you are self-employed. You may be able to lower your taxable income – a privilege that can’t necessarily be enjoyed when using credit cards.

  • Cash reserve

The borrower is able to access cash reserve. The cash will enable you to quick access funds for other projects or help with cashflow or make purchases quickly.

  • Types of Loans

Commercial loans or business loans can be secured or unsecured depending what the business owner needs the money for. They could be lines of credit, loans or mortgages. Talk to your Expert Mortgage broker to find out which type of loan makes all the sense from an economical and financial standpoint.

Business is booming and commercial loans in Ontario are on the rise.