Expert Mortgage Brokers | Agricultural Loans
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Agricultural Loans

It does not take long to learn when looking for a Farm Loan that bankers have to FOLLOW BANK RULES. One of the things that we specialize in is Farm Loans and agricultural lending.

With over 400 private lenders to back us up, WE SET THE RULES!
Most banks underwrite loans using standard commercial lending guidelines that don’t make any sense for farms. Talk to us if you’d like to…

  1. Buy more land or newer equipment
  2. Repair or construct new buildings
  3. Refinance your existing debts
  4. Buy quota

We can offer qualified farmers…

  1. Up to 80% of FULL farm value
  2. Up to 30 year amortization
  3. Operating lines of credit

Call EXPERT MORTGAGE even if everyone else has said NO! With over 400 PRIVATE LENDERS at our disposal EXPERT MORTGAGE can get you a mortgage even with…

  1. Bad Credit
  2. Poor cashflow
  3. Power of Sale
  4. Mortgage Arrears
  5. Tax Arrears