Bankruptcy Hamilton – Expert Mortgage Are you in severe debt with creditors? Have you exhausted every other avenue for debt relief? Are you considering filing for bankruptcy in Hamilton despite the negative effects it can have on your credit history? Well if this sounds like you, the professionals at Expert Mortgage recommend that you talk...
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Trustee In Bankruptcy Hamilton – Expert Mortgage Are you considering a trustee in bankruptcy in Hamilton for your increasing amount of unsecured debt? Are you aware of the impact this will have on your credit? Before filing for bankruptcy with a trustee in bankruptcy in Hamilton, Expert Mortgage wants to speak with you first! Expert...
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Second Mortgage Cambridge – Expert Mortgage Do you already own a home, but you are looking to purchase another? Are you battling with increasing unsecured debt? Well, if this sounds like you, Expert Mortgage wants to work with you. The professional team at Expert Mortgage specializes in working with people who own a home, have...
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  Refinance Waterloo – Expert Mortgage Many people choose to refinance in Waterloo when the current mortgage rates are lower than their current mortgage, or they want to release equity from their homes for other things such as debt consolidation, business investment or buying a second property. With the wrong mortgage product or term Canadians...
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Foreclosure Waterloo – Expert Mortgage Foreclosure in Waterloo is a court ordered process that occurs when a lender tries to recover the mortgage from the borrower who has failed to make payments on it. The lender then forces the sale of the property as collateral for the unpaid mortgage. In Ontario, there is a similar...
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Farm Loans Cambridge – Expert Mortgage Are you a farm owner looking to purchase more land, new equipment, repair or construct new buildings, buy quota, or refinancing your existing debts? Well if so, then the professional team at Expert Mortgage can help. Expert Mortgage specializes in assisting clients with unfavourable financial situations or unprovable income...
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Bankruptcy Trustee Kitchener – Expert Mortgage Have you been to seen a bankruptcy trustee in Kitchener only to be told that filing bankruptcy, credit counselling, or consumer proposal are your only options for debt relief? Expert Mortgage is here to tell you, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS! If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or credit...
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Credit Counselling Kitchener – Expert Mortgage Are you questioning the advice of a bankruptcy trustee or credit counsellor that is suggesting that you file for bankruptcy, consumer proposal, or credit counselling for debt relief? Well these suggestions can be backed by representatives often pushing individual agendas for their own financial gain, and you’re in the...
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Private Mortgage Cambridge – Expert Mortgage A private mortgage in Cambridge is a loan made by an individual or a business that is not a traditional mortgage lender. Whether you’re thinking of consolidating debt, buying a home, building a home or just need the money, private mortgage loans can be a great financial tool if...
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Interest Rates Kitchener – Expert Mortgage For a long time, it wasn’t possible to qualify for a mortgage in Canada if you had bad credit, and the market for subprime lending was almost nonexistent. In Canada, we deal mostly with large, regulated institutions with tighten lending standards. This is beginning to change, however, and smaller...
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  • “I can’t say enough how great your company has been. Matthew, thank you so much for making all of this process so easy for us. Our bank would not help us and you were amazing. Your company kept us informed every step of the way, and not once were we made to feel inferior like our bank did. The lawyers you set us up with were also awesome. I will highly recommend your company to anyone looking for mortgages. Thank you so much for getting creditors off or back and setting us on the right track. You guys are all amazing. I’m also so impressed that you came to us do to everything.”

  • “I just want to say ‘thank you’ to all of you, especially Matthew. The financial stress started affecting my health and my life. I could not sleep or focus at work. Now Expert Mortgage has given me control on my life by connecting me to a great lender. I have gone from being full of stress to being stress-free.”

    M.D, Mississauga, ON
  • “The bank would not lend money on our farm unless we showed them financial statements. Since my husband passed away, my son and I were struggling to keep the farm afloat. We just needed more time. The third mortgage you got us was the miracle we needed. You believed in us and we are so grateful. Thank you.”

    S.E. Orono, ON
  • “My pig farm always made good profit but last year was brutal for the whole industry. I fell behind on my mortgage. I showed FCC that my loss was just a temporary blip and asked them to give me some leeway but they started a foreclosure anyway. Thanks for getting me that private loan to buy me some time until I’m profitable again.”

    K.O., Hawkesbury, ON
  • “My ex-wife’s lawyer gave me 30 days to buy out her half of our house or have it put up for sale. I had no job and I was in bankruptcy. My bank manager laughed at me. I thought it was hopeless until I saw your flyer. I don’t know how you qualified me for the mortgage. You’re a miracle worker. Thank you!”

    J.R. Burlington, ON
  • “We were 6 months behind on our mortgage and the Sheriff was coming in 5 days to lock us out of our home. Every other mortgage broker said NO! I can’t believe you were able to get us a second mortgage that fast. You saved our home and I will refer everyone I know to you.”

    C.C., Oshawa, ON
  • “The bank refused to value my property based on all 211 acres. They said that their ‘rules’ limited it to 5 acres. Personally, I think that’s biased against farmers. I didn’t know that you had lenders who would value my property on all the acres. I finally got a large enough loan to tie all my debt into one payment. Thanks!”

    C.R., New Dundee, ON
  • “Every time I’d walk into a bank and say the word ‘farm’ the suit on the other side of the desk would look at me like I was from another planet! They had one agricultural ‘specialist’ for the area that was not much better. Then I went to 4 mortgage brokers before I stumbled on your company. Your rates were lower than the bank.”

    M.D., Bradford, ON
  • “Our credit was destroyed after we had a bad year. We needed to expand our facility. I explained to the bank that the expansion would make us profitable. I proved it on paper. They still declined us. I never heard of your ‘no questions asked’ private loans but you gave me $500,000 with no paperwork. That was a Godsend. My wife and I appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts and we won’t let you down.”

    R.Q., Woodville, ON
  • “Once again, a big thank you for arranging our new mortgage and being able to arrange for additional funds on closing. Matthew has worked hard for me over the last few years… I have a very high level of trust in Matthew and Expert Mortgage, and will surely recommend you to anyone I know who is in need. Thank You.”

    M.Z. Brantford, ON